From Consultation to Fitting


The treatment will be carried out in our comfortable, private clinic by a fully qualified and registered technician. Our clinic is purpose built and includes toilet, changing and shower facilities.

An initial consultation will determine whether a prosthetic is viable and if so what requirements it must meet. During the consultation you will be able to discuss the options available as well as costs, where appropriate.

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If you decide to have a prosthesis made, the next stage of the treatment is to create impressions of the area to be treated. Impressions are usually quick to make and are painless. They are made using alginates or silicones, covered in plaster bandage for extra support.

These impressions will be used to make a positive cast of the treatment area to allow the creation of a prototype prosthesis. Ocassionally, an impression of the opposing area (e.g. the same finger on the other hand) may be made for reference and matching purposes.

Colour Matching

Once we are ready to make the prosthesis, it is necessary to match the material to the colour of your skin. This includes not only the basic colour but also subtle variations, freckles, veins and any other visible characteristics. This will ensure that the finished prosthesis is as realistic as possible. A variety of different colouring techniques are used and can be discussed fully at the initial consultation, or at any of the later stages of treatment.

Prototype Fitting

Before the final prosthesis is made, a prototype is created and fitted. This prototype allows us to check that the prosthetic fits and is suitable. Once this has been fitted, any required adjustments to shape and fit can be made before the prototype is moulded.



Once it is complete, the prosthesis is fitted and any final, minor, adjustments made to the fit and colour. At this stage we will also explain how to remove and re-fit your prosthetic as well as how to care for it.

The length of your specific treatment will depend entirely on the prosthesis needed. We will discuss the times involved at the initial consultation.

What is a prosthesis?

A prosthesis is an artificial substitute for a missing part of your body.

Medical prostheses artificially restore patients who have facial or body defects due to malignancy, congenital deformity, or trauma. They offer hope to patients who cannot be surgically reconstructed and are used as a temporary measure for patients who are awaiting surgical reconstruction.

In order for the prosthesis to appear life like, every texture, form and pigmentation must be carefully matched. This requires several clinic visits as well as extensive laboratory work.


Our Services

CM Prosthetics provide specialist prosthetic services to both the National Health Service and the independent sector.

What care will my prosthesis need?

The type of care needed will depend on the materials used and the type of prosthetic.

Once we have fitted your new prosthesis we will supply you with all the information you need to care for it. We will also arrange for a follow-up appointment, to ensure that there are no problems with your prosthesis and that you are completely happy.

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