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Body Prosthetics

Body Prosthetics involve the prosthetic rehabilitation of the arm, leg and torso areas – where they are either defective or completely missing due to injury, surgery, growth defects, disease or congenital malformation. These prostheses help to provide a greater body image and thus increase confidence.

Finger and Toe Prostheses

The finger or toe prosthesis aims to restore the cosmetic and aesthetic appearance of the hand or foot. It will provide the patient with more confidence and in turn give a psychological boost to social interaction.

The prosthesis can be supplied with either a silicone nail or an acrylic nail that may be painted, if the patient desires.

Nipple Areola Complex

The silicone nipple prosthesis is the ideal compliment to breast reconstruction, following mastectomy.

The nipple is matched to the contralateral side and aims to give an appearance of projection and improve the aesthetics of the breast mound. The prosthesis may also be used in cases of bilateral reconstruction.

Hand and Feet Prostheses

Full and partial silicone cosmetic prostheses, that seek to restore aesthetic appearance and some function (foot prostheses).

What is a prosthesis?

A prosthesis is an artificial substitute for a missing part of your body.

Medical prostheses artificially restore patients who have facial or body defects due to malignancy, congenital deformity, or trauma. They offer hope to patients who cannot be surgically reconstructed and are used as a temporary measure for patients who are awaiting surgical reconstruction.

In order for the prosthesis to appear life like, every texture, form and pigmentation must be carefully matched. This requires several clinic visits as well as extensive laboratory work.


Our Services

CM Prosthetics provide specialist prosthetic services to both the National Health Service and the independent sector.

What care will my prosthesis need?

The type of care needed will depend on the materials used and the type of prosthetic.

Once we have fitted your new prosthesis we will supply you with all the information you need to care for it. We will also arrange for a follow-up appointment, to ensure that there are no problems with your prosthesis and that you are completely happy.

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