Case Studies

Facial Prosthesis

Please view our Facial Prosthesis Case Studies and see the transformations of some of our clients, bringing confidence, functionality and every-day normality back to their lives.

Orbital Prosthesis

Patient suffered from a severe orbital defect.

A prosthesis was constructed complete with a supporting structure, restoring a balanced appearance to the patient’s face. A gold tooth was added at the patient’s request.

Nasal Prosthesis

Patient suffered from a carcinoma of the nose. Standard implants could not be used in this case due to the location and the need for radiotherapy.

A silicone prosthesis, attached magnetically to an acrylic substructure, was fitted. The magnetic attachment significantly increases the life of the prosthesis as well as making it much easier to fit and maintain.

Orbital Prosthesis

Patient suffered from a severe orbital defect.

An adhesive retained prosthesis was replaced with branemark implants placed around the supra orbital area, with magnet retention for the hand crafted acrylic eye. This restored a balanced appearance to the patient’s face.

Ear Prosthesis

International client referred to Artizan by a colleague in USA.

Implant retained ear prosthesis created. The patient has now returned to USA but still visits Artizan in the UK for any work on the ear. Note the previous prosthesis the client came to us with which is not colour-matched.

Orbital Prosthesis

Patient suffered from a severe orbital defect.

A prosthesis was constructed, restoring a balanced appearance to the patient’s face. Note the process from initial wax carve through to the stained and fitted prosthetic.

Face Guard

Patient (a Footballer) suffered a broken cheekbone.

A facemask with a protective relief void was created to fit over vulnerable area.

Ear Prosthesis

Patient suffered severe burns as a child, which resulted in the partial loss of his right ear.

The patient travelled over from Ireland and an adhesive retained prosthesis was made and fitted. The entire process was completed within three days.

Ear Prosthesis

Patient was unhappy with the prosthesis he had obtained from an NHS unit.

A cast was taken of the patient’s other ear and modified for digital scanning. The scan was then inverted, printed and remolded to make a wax copy which was in-turn adjusted and used as the basis of a new prosthetic.

What is a prosthesis?

A prosthesis is an artificial substitute for a missing part of your body.

Medical prostheses artificially restore patients who have facial or body defects due to malignancy, congenital deformity, or trauma. They offer hope to patients who cannot be surgically reconstructed and are used as a temporary measure for patients who are awaiting surgical reconstruction.

In order for the prosthesis to appear life like, every texture, form and pigmentation must be carefully matched. This requires several clinic visits as well as extensive laboratory work.


Our Services

CM Prosthetics provide specialist prosthetic services to both the National Health Service and the independent sector.

What care will my prosthesis need?

The type of care needed will depend on the materials used and the type of prosthetic.

Once we have fitted your new prosthesis we will supply you with all the information you need to care for it. We will also arrange for a follow-up appointment, to ensure that there are no problems with your prosthesis and that you are completely happy.

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